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Oarsman Beard Oil
Oarsman Beard Oil
Oarsman Beard Oil
Oarsman Beard Oil

Oarsman Beard Oil

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Oarsman Beard Oil (1oz.) -- a delicate blend of exotic and prized sandalwood and invigorating citrus. This combination brings you a scent that is light and deeply refreshing and pleasant to wear. It is not overpowering, and is great for any occasion. It's like you've been paddling out to sea, enveloped in the sweet wood and citric notes of the sea breeze.

We use 100% pure sandalwood essential oil that is responsibly sourced. This rare and expensive essential oil has a wonderful sweet, woody aroma, and paired with citrus essential oil, brings you the wonderful combination of Oarsman. This beard oil is light and very moisturizing for your skin and beard, and will keep your beard smelling and looking great.

We smuggle only the best ingredients for Oarsman Beard Oil: organic argan oil, organic jojoba oil, and essential oils.

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